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Terry Dupuis

Terry grew up in Boston, MA, and is a graduate of the Roxbury Latin School, Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and two graduate degrees, Master of Science and Engineer of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He lives with his wife in University Park and has three children and four grandchildren.


Terry has taught and tutored math and physics in Dallas private schools since 2013. He’s on the Hockaday School faculty (part-time), where he tutors the Residents in both math and physics, and he substitute teaches at Hockaday, Ursuline Academy and the Episcopal School of Dallas; he is also a certified Mathnasium Instructor.

Terry tutors in a way that holds students’ interests, encourages their active participation in the process and helps make learning the subject matter more an enjoyable challenge than a task. He strongly encourages students to check both their homework and their test work, and make appropriate written estimates to confirm the reasonableness of numerical answers. 

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